Never Settle For Less Than God's Best (part 1)

Break Bad Habits

Answer this: What habits have caused you to settle for less than God’s best? Settling for less is habitual. There are things you’ve done and things you’re doing that have you stuck. I believe there are several habits common to everyone who is settling for less and calling them out is essential to breaking them off. 

Here’s a few big ones:

  • Your God-given dreams are quickly quashed by a greater sense of your inadequacy. 

  • You have settled for less by making it your job to fix broken people or broken things.

  • You’re habitually rehearsing the failures in your past and it’s sabotaging your future.

  • You continually let doubters, stragglers, and pretenders dictate the direction of your life.

These are habits that must be broken. Call them by name, own then, and then beg God for the grace to break them. These habits may have to be re-broken again, but the more you expose them, the less power they will have over your life. 

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