Slow Leak Or Strength

Many have said that life's challenges (whether self inflicted, others inflicted, or both) will either make you bitter or better. But I believe there is another place where people can stand, in-between those two. Lukewarm self-deception is truly a tragic station in life and Jesus warns people of this as much as anything else.

There is subtle shift, that a wise friend challenged me to embrace some years ago, which can help prevent self-deception. The contrast is clear. We can spiritualize our circumstances, gathering people around who help us self justify, or we can get outside help to sort through the dung heap of trials and own whatever we can own. My friend tells me that the former "will go flat from a slow spiritual leak", the later "will surface with strength because they're filled by the Spirit of truth".

You can do this! Each of us will face adversity, all of us will have trials, and yes, we'll have enemies as well. But the grace to face what God has for us, wants to change in us, or desires to give us, can actually happen with honest sorting. "Let us test and examine our ways, and return to the Lord!" Lamentations 3:40