Believe: It's The High Road

When we're up against what appears impossible, believe God to deliver. Don't let unbelief have a chair in your soul. Unbelief in a small area of our lives has a way of permeating every area of our lives. The disciples were warned of the "leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees". Jesus' warning was about a permeating theological pollution that can be defined this simply: Instead of trusting God and believing him for all things big and small, the P & S constructed a man-centered gospel. This was a dead end for them and their listeners. A seed of unbelief allowed to grow is like cancer to the promise of abundant life. 

But the high road isn't the easy road. Believing God for the impossible isn't blind religious foolishness. Belief entrusts God with the things we can't figure out. Belief says "okay God, my life is yours - all of it". Belief is surrendering to the God of miracles without demanding anything in return. Those who trust God live through a full range of emotions. The pain of loss, confusion when there's no apparent solution, and feelings of betrayal or even abandonment are all real feelings that giants of the faith have experienced. But God! God's rewards of faith aren't always immediate, but they are definite. Belief never goes unrewarded. 

Believe God for that wayward son or daughter. Believe God to heal that pain. Believe God to release you from your shame. Believe God for that uncertain future. Believe God for the wisdom you need today. Believe God for what appears impossible and on the high road of faith you'll soon see, belief never goes unrewarded.

Matthew 16:5-12