Crush Mediocrity With Big Steps Of Faith (part 1)

Break Old Habits

Get honest with yourself and God. What habits have left you stuck in mediocrity and not taking big steps of faith? You have probably adopted patterns of behavior that give you some form of security. But this security leaves you chained to mediocrity. Identify those habits that are causing mediocrity to become a way of life. Here’s a few big ones:

  • You have the passion to take big steps of faith but you keep waiting for your fear to subside.
  • You’re repeatedly distracted from God’s best by thousands of small and mediocre pursuits.
  • You've been waiting for something supernatural before you step into what seems impossible.
  • You settle for mediocrity because you’ve believed the lie that you’re defined by your inabilities.

Here’s your simple step out of mediocre. Don’t shy away from the truth. Let the habits you’ve embraced hit you hard at a gut level, then hit back. Speak out to forces that are unseen that “mediocre is not me”. Every time these return, hit em’ again with that same truth because God made you for big steps of faith.  

(Next up: Renewing Your Thinking)