You See That?

God is always up to something in and around our lives. And whether big or small - it's always dynamic. The only real question is why do some people see it and live with hand rubbing expectation while others are oblivious?

It should be said that spiritual pride is the most blinding to the works and ways of God. We can all grow in awareness of God's moves - No person can see it all. But there is a common thread with spiritual visionaries who see below and/or beyond the surface of any situation - and this is not for an exclusive group.

First, if we humble ourselves under the Father's hand, he will lift us up (I Peter 5:6). Implied in the context is a new vantage point to see the battlefield and immanent attacks more clearly.

Second, Jesus came to give sight to the blind - that's you and me (John 9:39). This verse indicates that self-will is blinding, but the closer we cling to Jesus, the more the fog will lift before us.

Third, the primary function of the Holy Spirit is to guide us into ALL truth (John 16:13). There is an aspect of the HS that is beyond the natural senses. This is why giving our mind to the truth of God's word helps us listen to the HS and navigate around our own flesh, foolish people, and constant temptation.

God is at work...I pray we see it today!