Addiction: Run Straight At It (remix)

The best way to tackle addiction is to run straight at it. Circling around addiction and attempting to sneak up on it, is fruitless and futile. Trying to learn a new angle or trick to deal with those things that enslave, has a big let-down in store. But the "straight at it" approach is spiritual gold. Addiction is like a bad friend, we get some shallow benefit but we know that they hate us, and we can't muster the courage to cut em' off. Well, it's a new day. It's time to sever yourself from addiction. Let's go straight at it.

The letter of Romans is dealing with the reality of the new birth miracle. Paul lays out stark contrast between slavery (addiction) to sin and freedom in Christ. The following verse put feet to the new birth miracle of salvation. "But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires." This is Paul's straight at it approach for dealing with addictions that have become like an evil spirit-leach - sucking the life from our soul.

First and forever we must get in with Jesus. "Put on Christ" is inspired, purposeful, and practical. It's an act of the heart and will. Putting on Christ is a symbol of standing cloaked in Christ's mercy, grace, and power. God always calls us to trust him before we wade into a war with our addiction. Too many times we have tried to tackle addiction in our own strength and we find ourselves more discouraged than ever before. This bold approach requires a level of surrender that is unusual. But when the pain of addiction is met with equal surrender to Jesus, freedom is in the works.

Second, cut off ALL the supply lines to your addiction. Starve it, dehydrate it, asphyxiate it, or drown it, but do whatever it takes to kill it. "Make no provision" means give it nothing to live. Nothing! This requires some strategy and honesty. We have to be true to the addiction. Answer the question, "what keeps this alive"? Be honest and exhaustive. Then go about cutting that addiction off until it dies.

You can win this battle. Face your addiction head on and go straight at it. "Put on Jesus" and "make no provision". Soon you'll be looking back and seeing your own personal miracle from God.

Romans 13:14