"Ornamental Fringe"

This weekend I read a 1863 message from the "prince of preachers". Old London is not much different from today. I can say for myself, that it's easy to live on the "ornamental fringe" and miss the reality, and yes the joy, of remembering God's power and grace.

This week I had a chance to hear a man share his brutal and beautiful story of life-change. Three times he asked me "are you sure you want to hear this". I am richer for having spent an hour listening to his story of God's power and grace to change a man.

And then this morning God allows me to read what's below. A reminder to never forget what lives behind the "ornamental fringe". May God allow us to always remember the spiritual "back streets" and "blind alleys" he's pulled us from.

"Some of you ride through our fine wide streets, which are a sort of ornamental fringe upon the skirts of poverty, and you know nothing about those narrow back streets, those blind alleys, and those courts inside of courts, where poverty is huddled together, and where too often sin, lust, and disease become its natural consequences."

Spurgeon, C. H. (1863). The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit