It's All About Leadership

Ministry, marriage, politics, business, and's all about leadership.

If you're in a role that involves leadership, lead. Check out how bold Paul speaks to the person with the gift of leadership..."the one who leads; with zeal'. Zeal is a powerful word and defined as, "a strong feeling of interest and enthusiasm that makes someone very eager or determined to do something".

Spiritual leadership is the ability to capture the hearts of people with a vision that is beyond the leader. God gave leaders to inspire and cause us all to believe, gain strength, and build on small victories. Not all leaders have the same capacity to move people but any leader can grow in follow-ability. I love the three C's of leadership. They help us think practically on how to grow.

Character - This is the engine room of the leader. Character is developed in the "war room" of introspection and communication with God. The spiritual leader who spends time on their knees is cultivating the "gift that was given". Time spent with God and his word breeds a leader who is alert to fools and seeks out wise counsel.

Capacity - Every great leader knows that energy is the most valuable tool they possess. More than time, energy is the thing that gives leaders the band width to make decisions that are wise. Capacity must be guarded and given to the gift of leadership before any and all other activities. Rest, sleep, and quiet time fill the capacity tank of any leader.

Chemistry - Leaders know who they are and who they are not. Chemistry is the ability to bring people around you with complementary gifting. Chemistry is ruined by allowing people to be coddled who are in competition for leadership. Give a competing leader a role large enough to fulfill their own gifting or cut them lose to find their fit elsewhere. Chemistry requires contentment with every key player.

Organizations thrive or shrink due to leadership. It's all about the leader God has called you to be!

Romans 12:8