Stay Alert

Just heard that a young man who surrendered to Jesus six weeks ago didn't make it. He was doing all the right things but got sucked into the vortex of darkness. His overdose is heartbreaking.

Please know this, evil plays for keeps. One of my hardest falls was six weeks after God saved me from myself but in 1984. By God's grace I'm alive today but the battle is real. 

This fine young man is in God's presence right now. Please pray for his family and friends - that God would use his story in ways that would shock the dark side and bring glory to God.

But resist the temptation to see Satan's work as best seen in these kind of dramatic ways. If evil can't kill us its content to leave us in a state of spiritual deadness. What angle of attack has Satan used against you in the past? How has evil angled to strangle the spiritual life out of you? Stay alert...Watch and pray!

Ephesians 6