Gospel is Transformational

The gospel can't help us. It can't even make us the slightest bit better. I know this is true because I tried to bring Jesus into my life, like a fuel additive is added to a tank of gas. It never worked for me because Jesus will never be reduced to the role of an "enhancer". 

This is why so many believe that God over-promises and under-delivers. But the problem is that we've set our sights too low. We desire him to adjust us and take the pain away. But our vision must be greater or our life will never be truly better.

No, the gospel can't help or make us better. Here's the truth: The gospel totally transforms us or it was never the gospel. Take a good long look at your life. Don't talk yourself into something that may not exist. And if you've tasted the power of God's transformation, give praise to God!

John 3