Risk Everything For My God-given Dreams (part 2)

Renew Your Thinking

Spiritual forces wants us to believe that risk is ridiculous. We can’t take on the resistance of fear without the liberty of truth. Renewed thinking is a life blood of risk takers. The messages that most dominate our thinking will translate into our living. Let truth smash the lies that have paralyzed you in and get after your God-given dreams.

Your renewed thinking is the key that unlocks God-given dreams:

  • “When I totally surrender control to God he promises that the risk will be rewarded.” (John 12:24)
  • “I may look like a fool in the short run but God will work out all things for my good.” (Romans 8:28)
  • “The dreams I’ve received from God require that I surround myself with loving people.” (I John 4:8)
  • “My God-given dreams will thrive as position myself in close proximity to Jesus.” (John 15:5)

You can be one of the few who risk everything without regret. These truths can break the back of lies and free you from old habits that need to be broken. Keeping turning over truth and you’ll soon have a fertile place for new habits to grow. Repeat these often and watch radical change begin in your life.