Full-Blown Exploitation of the Poor

My son forwarded an article to me from The Atlantic. Sickening, sobering, and maddening! I know, I have a number of friends who go out and grab a lottery ticket when the jackpot gets huge. The relative impact on the middle/upper middle-class is negligible. And I'm not proposing that this is the sin of all sins but it is exploiting the poor and that's reason enough to get a bit ticked.

There are plenty of vices that enslave our nation but this is a big daddy and it's worth taking 10 minutes to read some tough stats that prove we've created a monster. People are investing 7 times more money, on something nearly impossible, than grabbing a book or taking a kid out to a sporting event. Below is an excerpt from the article. CLICK HERE for the whole story.

"But it’s the poor who are really losing. The poorest third of households buy half of all lotto tickets, according to a Duke University study in the 1980s, in part because lotteries are advertised most aggressively in poorer neighborhoods."