Lonely Lessons

There was a time in my life when I just needed a friend and I didn't know who to trust. I had been as connected as a pastor could be but found myself in a tough and lonely place. It's in these moments when true friends float to the surface and others drift away.

Here's what I learned. The truest friends are best discovered when the winds of adversity are blowing. Some of my richest friendships were forged in fires of adversity. There are some sleepers out there – friends that can only be found when the chips are down.

Time and distance can cause paths to separate but those paths are still headed the same direction. And when we have the opportunity to meet again it doesn't take but a moment to kindle rich conversations.

Junanne and I are getting back in the saddle. I'm going to continue to encourage folks in Chicago with morning radio – this is so fulfilling, strategic, and the team is dynamite. We also love being in a visionary role with 180Chicago – turning boys into great men can change a city. But there's another piece that God has called us into and we can't deny it. More to come.

Wisdom doesn't grow on trees, it grows in fire. And in the fire we are graced with God's purifying power in our own lives. He burns off the sin that entangled us and shows us real running partners. Here's to a gracious God and great friends !