Why I Quit Twitter

At the ripe old age of 55 (just entering my prime:) I canceled my Twitter account. I've made a commitment to stay on top of technology and social media as much as possible because it's akin to the printing press for the modern communication revolution. I have some high-profile friends with a huge and active follower base and for them it's valuable to get their message out. But the Twitter world is not for me until a few things change.

Time - valuable minutes of my life were getting swallowed up by chasing stories that are more easily found with a blog aggregator. I tracked my use and found I could read two more books a month and not miss much of anything by never seeing another tweet.

Trolls - this is a problem that Twitter is trying to fix but it's broken and reveals how debase humanity can be. People hide behind eggs, flags, and fake pics to remain anonymous as they lob incendiary and hateful comments. I'm trying to not give fools another moment of my life.

I may pick it up again one day but it will be after Twitter fixes the troll thing and I can manage the time thing.

Many blessing to you as we "redeem the time" to the glory of God and our personal joy.