Time for Hope & Change!

Remain hopeful & be bold. We live in a post Christian nation but that doesn't mean the gospel has lost its power...no way! The message of the gospel has always been strongest when opposed.

Our personal posture before God should still be our focus. Brokenness is a place of hidden blessing. God gets more of you & you get more of God...and our witness builds in strength. The greatest gift you can give the world is – a fully alive and growing YOU!

II Cor. 5, Matt. 5:3

As you're steaming into 2016 I believe this can be your best year ever. Those aren't just words. There are lessons from Joshua that we can import to our lives and be CHANGED. There is a code to habit changing and God already cracked it!

I invite you to join the journey to extraordinary. Below is a link to Volume 1 of a 9 part The Seven Series. The cost is $0.99 and all proceeds go to mentoring boys on the South-side of Chicago.