Scared To God

Some people use fear as a way of measuring courage or emotional strength. The more fear, the lesser the person, or so some believe. But this leaves out huge variants, like the size of the battle or the nature of what's striking fear into a person. Also, we can't know from where a person began and what they've overcome. But most importantly, scripture is clear that we don't have to be slaves to fear but God never implies we'll become fearless. This "fearless" pursuit is timeless. It has never gone out of style to try and overcome fears by believing they don't exist. But fearlessness ignores reality and is inherently man-centered. It actually seems to driven by the fear of fear.

Fearlessness leaves faith on the shelf and renders the mystery of trusting God as wimpy. But the essence of faith in God isn't the absence of fear in life. Faith stares fear in the eyes and crosses over by a power outside of ourselves but deposited within us. What God can do for us is amazing. And yes, he can address our fear in any form it may take, as it attempts to crush us. 

"For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, ""Abba," Father."

This is real straight forward. Fear helps us connect with God! When God removed our slavery to fear it didn't eradicate fear, he ushered in a new Spirit to deal with that fear and direct us to God in our darkest days. Trying to shake fear is like running from our shadow. It's exhausting and we'll never get away. The running must stop. The craziness of "fearlessness" must end. Stop measuring your worth by the amount of your fear. God's not that small and the fears we face can confirm that we're on the right path - fears don't have to stop us dead in our tracks, they can drive us to God.

Romans 8:15