Breaking Curses: CUBS & Christians

It can be terrifying to have someone speak a curse over you. In almost every culture people inflict mental and physical anguish on others by way of curses. The fascination people have with the supernatural persists in the mainstream of society. Another movie, Ouija: Origen of Evil, has just released in theaters. Reviews say it succeeds in striking fear of unchecked evil into the hearts of viewers.

My wife, Junanne, was recently at a used book story and overheard some young ladies discussing getting a trove of books on the occult. She prayed for an opportunity to speak a word of caution and God opened the door. Junanne was able to tell her own story of dabbling in the dark side. She shared how it took her several years to unravel the web of deceit Satan had woven into her thinking. The girls walked away without a single book and thanked my bride for intervening.

But what about curses? Can some one place a curse on our life? Is it possible to be under a curse and how can curses be broken?

The Ultimate Curse - The Ultimate Savior

The ultimate curse is sin. No amount of self-will can break the curse. The life that God longs for us to live is always out of reach because of the curse of sin. We are born in it and only the blood of Jesus Christ can break this curse. 

Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us—for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who is hanged on a tree”— Galatians 3:13

What Jesus did on the cross was complete – we are freed from the curse of sin. Yes, we will still battle sin but we are no longer slaves to sin. Confession scrubs our soul from the grip of sin and "cleanses us of all unrighteousness" (I John 1:9). A newborn Christian never has to be in fear of having a curse placed on them. A mind set on these truths is the ultimate shield to deception, fear, and harassing thoughts. 

What About Generational Curses?

It's clear from scripture that choices of one generation can impact future generations. Idolatry has generational impact. God is "a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me" Exodus 10:5. 

We often emulate our parents. Most of us hate to even hear that because the last thing we want to be associated with is the negative traits of family that have gone before us. But we invariably have similar gestures, voice inflection, and even similar sins. 

These sins can be broken. Again, it's imperative that we surrender our life to Jesus who carried the curse of sin to the cross so we wouldn't be slaves to those disgusting sins. But those generational sins can still surface until we surrender them to the lordship and leadership of Christ. It's important to recognize sin patterns in our life, own them, renounce them, and claim the blood of Jesus over them. Don't let sin define you when Jesus has broken that curse and set you free. The only power generational sin has on a Christian is the power we give it – renounce it now!

CUBS & a Goat

In 1945 a goat and it's owner were asked to leave the fourth game of the World Series. The goat stunk, the owner was incensed, and claimed the Cubs would never win again. Many took it to mean they would never again win a World Series. 

There is zero evidence that a curse can keep the Cubs from winning a World Series. Bad pitching, cold bats, and errors can keep them from winning and for many decades any combination of these has kept the Cubs down. But NO, there is no curse holding the Cubs back. 

On the other hand, our minds are easily tweaked and the most subtle suspicion can cause us to choke in crunch time. If a team believes there is something valid to a curse it can effect the outcome of the game. Football coaches "ice" place kickers with last second time outs because it can get into their mind. What the Cubbies need is the mental strength to ignore a stinky goat in 1945 and go light 'em up! Go Cubs Go!

What you need is to blow-off careless words of fools. Reject well meaning but reckless edicts someone has spoken over your life. And don't let Satan's whispers hold you back from getting personal victory ever again!