Praise Works

Praise works wonders. It lifts the spirits of the discouraged. It shifts the focus of a room filled with people who are hungry to be led. It moves the masses to believe again – praise works!

I'm entering a season of praise and I want you to come along! From now to the end of the year we're going to saturate each morning of Karl & June in a "Season of Praise". The reason for this is rather simple. I was pouring through the Psalms and it struck me how often God called his kids to praise. But praise God through anything? Yes!

I was betrayed a number of years ago. I've attempted to reconcile and did the hard work of owning what I could own in a relationship that crashed. With wise council, I resisted the temptation to fall into two equally destructive pits – becoming bitter or groveling to my own peril. 

So here I sit. Years have gone by and it looks like nothing will happen. But something has happened. I've learned some great wisdom for relationships, so I praise. I praise for the lessons of envy. I praise for the resilience and strength that is born in pain. And I praise for the insights of enduring friendships.

Praise works! Praise gives us the flip-side perspective of almost any situation we may face. But this too is discovered by God's grace. So put praise to the test. What is the most troubling situation you're facing today? Go ahead, dig it up. Now ask God to show you how he wants you to see it from a perspective of praise. Yes, on the other side is something there to praise. And whatever it is...praise God for it! Oh, and make some noise when you do it, you might just laugh a little.