Don't Sweat The God Stuff

True faith is thrilled by God's mercy and leaves the vengeance to God.

When the passion for justice wells up in our heart we need to release it to God so we don't lose our joy. God alone can handle the slights and injustice we face in the world. When we take justice it into our own hands we play the role of God – it never ends well.

But when we stay in a place of gratitude for God's mercy in our own life we are situated well – distracted by grace. The more we are thrilled by mercy the more we can explore the gifts of God's grace. We begin to see through the injustice of our world and into the wide open spaces of vision, purpose, and God-sized dreams.

Let go of political bitterness, bad calls at your kids ballgame, cutting words, workplace competition, and any other distraction of injustice. It's better to release vengeance to God so we can get back to being thrilled by God's mercy. Don't sweat the God stuff.

Micah 7:18, Romans 9:19