Two Issues - One Vote

Two vital things drive me to the ballot box for every general election. Never before have I felt such a need to pray and vote – in that order.

This is a brutal political season. I'm not looking at the quality of the candidates as much as the impact of the decisions they're likely to make. Much is on the line. Although voting can't change the hearts of man, because only God can transform lives, we can vote for values that most reflect the heart of a true and loving God.

First, I'm compelled to vote for the issue of life. I'm heartened by this new young generation. The trend lines are moving toward life as never before since Roe v. Wade. Science has allowed us to see the beauty of life in the womb and the world is in awe. What a marvelous creator we have. Now we have hi-def pictures into the home of a child before we bring them into the world and hold them in our hands. I truly believe we will live to see the day when the vast majority of Americans are eager to bring every child into the world – parenting and adoption will become the only humane response of the masses. The day will come when life for every child will be a reasonable freedom – the next emancipation.

Second, our constitution is a document that has successfully crafted and carved "we the people" into the greatest nation in the world. It reflects the heart of God in freedom, work, respect, and honor. The constitution must not change with the whims of culture, culture must be guided by the constitution. Even in a post-Christian America we are a people who are etched with God's image. When our national moral compass pulls at our very cultural fabric, our constitution will keep us true to God-imaged values. Our country cannot afford to be guided by an unmoored judiciary. We must be anchored to a constitution that has allowed us to identify past injustices, correct wrongs, and all without capitulating to the cultural crash of moral relativism.

I know that no matter the outcome of this election, God is ultimately in control. I won't lose my mind, I will seek the mind of God. I won't wring my hands, God's not worried in the least. But while I have such a great freedom, secured by the sacrifice of spilled blood...I will vote.

See you at the polls...