Habits That Hurt

There are at least 4 habits that keep us down. This is a snippet from Volume 2. If you find yourself stuck in any of these bad habits, just take a moment and own it. Then just get up and enjoy the new mercies today!


1. Habit of Inadequacy  

Your God-given dreams are quickly quashed by a greater sense of your inadequacy. You can see a richer future but view yourself as incapable of getting there. This is actually both horrible and wonderful—inaccurate and spot on. A God-given dream by nature requires more than you possess in yourself. Realizing that we can’t reach it in our own strength is a great realization. But staying there without trusting in God’s grace and power is allowing your feelings of inadequacy to overrule your true identity.


2. Habit of Familiar

You have settled for less by making a god out of what is comfortable, safe, and familiar. You’ve believed that it’s easier to slog through a life of mediocrity than to risk the discomfort of moving toward extraordinary. You’ve sized up this thing called change and you’ve determined it’s too hard and too scary. Well there is truth to all of this. It is painful to journey to extraordinary, and fear will strike you. You’ll be hit with unpredictable challenges. Those challenges will constantly change and require that you be always on the alert. But the cost of familiarity is the absence of extraordinary. You can sit in comfort, but you’re trading in the joy and satisfaction of going on your God-given journey.


3. Habit of Shame  

You’re constantly rehearsing the failures of your past. Your future is sabotaged by shame. This is one of the most common habits of mankind. The reason we have a hard time believing we can be different tomorrow is because we have total recall of yesterday’s failures. But as long as we let those failures stay in the dark, we will never break out into the light. Extraordinary doesn’t ignore past failures, it relies on God’s love to cover them. Shame is the weapon of an evil bully and can only be disarmed by the God of love and truth. Your future doesn’t require perfection, but shame will stifle your life until redemption has its proper place and full voice.  


4. Habit of Compromise  

You continually let doubters, mockers, and pretenders hold you hostage to compromise. Spiritualizing compromise for the illusion of “fitting in” with others is selling out to the lowest bidder. Mediocrity manipulates us with the fear of never having a true friend—never belonging. Even at great personal cost we try to fit in with people who could care little about us and have proven to resent even a hint of success in our lives. We dumb ourselves down, rationalize the disrespect we receive, and stay back for fear of going it alone. Obligation kills the life in everyone. It leaves you wallowing in mediocrity, powerless to give doubters, mockers, and pretenders what they really need—a vision of something richer by someone who’s willing to walk alone into the extraordinary.