Prescription For Healing

"Take Two Scoops Of Love - And Thank God In The Morning"

I just returned from a symposium called "Love & Transformation". I wasn't fully certain what this was all about but after two days of round table discussions with 70 national leaders I was utterly grateful to be invited.

Dr. Larry Crabb was one of only three speakers and he kicked off his talk with a bold statement. "What we think of as diagnosable psychological problems, if they are not rooted in a medical condition, are better understood to be relational problems, and are better dealt with by relational love than by professional technique." Wow! Could it be? And if that's true what does it mean for you and me?

I'm a Big God guy! I've seen him do incredible things so why should I underestimate the power of love. His love turned my life right-side-up so why can't God's love, flowing through us, radically alter the lives of others?

Yes it can! Relational love is the first course of treatment for a wounded heart. Love listens, cares, lingers, believes, hopes, believes some more, and endures until light begins to shine in the darkest places. Relational love warms up challenged souls to the possibility that God is good and life is worth living.

There is a prescription for healing and it's two scoops of love. Maybe you need some love today. Instead of seeking it out - give it out. Muster every ounce of strength to give away what you so desire and God will certainly shine his love into your soul in a fresh way.

Keep pouring out the love. If the world was invaded by Jesus followers who intended to love people each and every day, pill boxes and counselors offices would grow dusty. We all need love and somebody has to go first - so it may as well be you and me. Take two scoops of love, pour it into a hurting soul, and thank God in the morning.