SPECIAL INVITATION: Join me & my wife on the trip of a lifetime...


JUNE 3–14, 2016

Join 90.1 FM Moody Radio for a spectacular journey through ancient and modern Israel. Travel with Karl Clauson from the Karl and June morning show, along with Dr. Paul Nyquist and Moody Bible Institute faculty experts who will help the Word come to life at sites where key Bible events occurred, including:

      Sea of Galilee, the sea where Jesus calmed the storm

      Jericho, the first Promised Land city conquered by the Israelites

      Bethlehem, the city of Jesus' birth

      Mount of Olives, the hill where Jesus wept over Jerusalem

Walk in the footsteps of history as you visit the places you’ve read about in the Bible. Learn cultural and historical insights. Explore your spiritual heritage, deepen your walk with Christ, and enjoy fellowship with Moody Radio hosts. You don’t want to miss this spiritually enriching experience of a lifetime.

The registration deadline is fast approaching—reserve your spot today.

Register Today [URL: moodyglobal.org/israel]