4 Habits That Keep You Stuck

(Here's a short piece from the next volume of The Seven Series. Which of these habits is keeping you stuck? Call them out and commit them to God!)

1. Habit of Fear 
You have the passion to take big steps of faith but you keep waiting for your fear to subside. Fear grips every soul that longs for something extraordinary. It's habitual because fear is the only tool that evil can throw at us when we long for extraordinary. Fear taunts us with the “what if’s”. What if I get hurt? What if I stumble? What if I look crazy? And the worst is…what if I don’t make it? Fear must be seen, not as a feeling to subside, but an emotion to face and step through. The habit of fear is actually best faced by being embraced. Fear will never leave you, you must leave fear. The habit of fear must be broken and buried but it can only happen when we step into that fear and walk through that fear. 

2. Habit of Mediocre 
You’re repeatedly distracted from God’s best by thousands of small and mediocre pursuits. Mediocrity is the enemy of big. Coming up with a long list of small things that never move us toward extraordinary is habitual. Busyness is the cousin of mediocre. There is an endless supply of trivial things but none of them can move the dial of God-breathed joy. Distractions present themselves all packaged up in what looks good but they leave us standing just this side of great. You can spend years nibbling at the edges of life but there will always be a gnawing sense that you’ve missed your calling – that’s because you’re right, that big step is still calling your name. Mediocre is a habit that needs to be broken and buried.

3. Habit of Signs 
You've been waiting for a sign before you step into what seems impossible. You keep looking for another piece of evidence that this thing won’t fail – and so you never take that big step. But what if the miracle you need most is God’s grace to take a step of faith? The sign you most need is to prove to yourself that God’s love and power is in you. And if for some reason you aren’t sure that God lives inside you then you need to surrender your life to him right now. The river in front of you won’t get any smaller. History proves that when we receive one sign from God we often say “how bout another?” Don’t wait another minute. God already told you to get up and now your spirit agrees that it’s time to go over. Stop waiting for some magic to appear, the tomb is empty and if Jesus is your God then impossible is doable.

4. Habit of Scarcity 
You can’t move because you’re focused on your deficiencies. You’ve tallied your skills and compared them to what you don’t have and the “don’t have” list is much longer. Here’s the good news. Not a single person who's moved toward extraordinary, in God’s kingdom, would tell you that they thought they could do it – not apart from God. The truth is that scarcity is your friend. Acknowledging your shortcoming is good. Seeing scarcity in our ourselves is healthy because it can reaffirm our need for God. But focusing on our “don’t have’s” will keep us stuck. This habit of scarcity freezes us in place – a place just this side of extraordinary. Your focus needs to shift. You must break your fixation on personal scarcity and fix your eyes on God’s all sufficiency.