Their leader was dead. Those first God chasers were now in more pain than before they ever met Jesus. The loss of their dream was only made worse by mountains of shame.

Then it happened at the perfect time. The word spread fast and far. Most could hardly believe what they heard. And that message has sustained its power to this very day. He's not dead – Jesus is alive!

He did it! He did for you and me what we could never do for ourselves. He crushed the tempter. He shouldered our sin and even our shame. And he beat the odds makers when he rose from the grave – it's a new day!

This is more than a day to remember. It's a moment of opportunity to hit the reset button. It's a time for new beginnings, fresh starts, big dreams, and to honor God's victory by embracing things beyond our capacity.

THIS is a new day. It can mark the beginning of a whole new year and a whole new you. Let's go!

(I have something for you that may help kick-start your life. Tomorrow morning (Monday the 28th) Volume #1 of The Seven Series will be free for Kindle users. It can be read with phone apps as well as other tablets. God speed...)