Habits That Keep Us From Risking Everything

This is worth answering: What habits have caused you to not risk everything for your God-given dreams? Habits keep us fixed, whether in a good place or a bad place, and bad habits must be broken. There are things you’ve done and things you’re doing that have you stuck. I believe there are several habits common to everyone who is not yet risking everything for their dreams. Highlighting them is essential to breaking them off.  

It’s important, vitally important, that you’re honest with yourself long enough to allow God to search your heart. The habits below are easy to superimpose onto someone else, anyone else, but not see them in our own life. Read the following in conversation with God. Allow him to grip your heart with the reality of any or all of these habits in your life today. 

1.     Habit of Control 

There’s a little control freak in all of us. Your God-given dreams never materialize because you can’t give up full control of your life. Retaining control is the enemy extraordinary. You can’t go where God wants to take you unless you release yourself from lesser things. The reason is simple. Lesser things are anchored. They are immovable. They can be people, a job, a city, or even a mindset. Releasing control in every area of life is the only sure way to gain control in our life.

2.  Habit of Image

You know God gave you a dream but fear of looking like a fool keeps you from risking everything. Being seen as a little crazy is a powerful tool in the hand of Satan. Image is holds a strong place in everyone’s life. Image isn’t something that can be irradiated, it must be redirected. The pressure we felt as young children to fit in has not completely left us, we just disguise more easily. The habit of image needs to ultimately be redirected for the audience of one. How God sees us is the image we must be enamored with. Living for his glory, and resisting the temptation to please people is a constant battle. But the habit can and must be broken. 

3. Habit of Sharing

Your passion to risk everything is squashed because you share your dreams with envious fools. Not everyone is ready to hear what God has spoken into our heart. When we share a God-given vision with fools we threaten the very vision itself. We need to carry the vision close to our heart and our chest and only deposit it with people who are genuinely to our good and believe God with us for great things. People who can’t handle the prospect of our progress will consciously or subconsciously steal away our strength by degrading our dream or undermining our ability to go with God. This habit is too common and it’s surely sabotaged your dreams in the past. Break it now.

4. Habit of Forgetfulness

Forgetfulness is habitual. You lose connection with your dreams so the risk that seemed reasonable now looks crazy. For thousands of years God’s kids have neglected the dream and never tasted it. What God shows you on the mountaintops must be cultivated in the valleys. What we see clearly in the sun of God’s witness must be remembered in the fog of confusion. Life has too many distractions to assume that we can retain tomorrow what God has shown us today. Breaking the habit of forgetfulness requires keeping the dream in front of you daily.

Do you see these at work in you? These habits must be broken – broken now. Call them by name, own then, and then beg God for the grace to break them. Re-breaking may be necessary. But the more you expose them, the less power they will have over your life. Confessing any bad habit to God is the first place to go but also share them with a trusted friend. Breaking habits is more about breaking the back of Satan and stealing his toe hold that we’ve given him for many years.