Hanging on for dear life can leave us just short of real life. Releasing your self-will is Jesus’ invitation to move from emotional/spiritual isolation to sweet friendship with God. Just as death opens a grain of wheat to a whole new life, so our dying opens us up to a bright, soul-soaring, new life.

But here’s the challenge: We don’t easily let go of lesser things. We hang on to all these things that aren’t delivering and can never deliver. The habit of releasing requires the sober acknowledgment of spirit emptiness and ultimate surrender to the God of true life and celebration. Hanging on will only hold us back.

Salvation and sanctification is the releasing of all we are, all we have attained, and all we have acquired into the dirt of death. We must die to be “born again” and we must keep putting to death even a hint of self-will—this is the habit of release. We need to sign a DNR—Do Not Resuscitate! It’s common to see this in critical care units for people who are ready to move on. How about you? Right now you can tell God you want to sign a DNR on the life you’re leaving behind. The only life to hang on to is the life found in Jesus.

John 12:24–26; Colossians 3:1–17; John 10:28