Tell em' WHY

We live in a spiritually hungry world. “Famished” is not a stretch and describes the state of our nation. The only problem is that we have spiritual junk-food on every corner and the ads are unavoidable. Many are starving themselves on the empty carbs of religious rituals, material indulgence, substance, and even joining churches where we are busy but not filled with God's presence and his power. Everywhere are the hungry, but they don’t know why or what it is they need.

The answer is never in pointing at what people suffer from. Not a single person is compelled by condemnation. No one needs the guilt of what they need to “do”, but rather, every soul needs to hear first, the hope of what they can “become”. A picture of a richer future, a vision chalked full of hope, and a clarion call to a greater passion. People need the bigger “why” in exchange for a lesser “what” or “how”. This is why YOU matter so much in God’s greater plan for spiritually hungry people. While the what or how is more knowledge based, the “why” is soul based and gives hope to the heart. The “why” is what moves people, it’s what moves you and me.

You can lead people to spiritual nourishment. God made you for this. Your life can radiate and your testimony can transform lives. God uses passion more than pat answers. And it’s not about a perfectly crafted presentation, it’s about personal conviction. You don’t need a great memory, or a degree in theology. God can do anything with a quiet word shared from a heart that is caring. The purity of message is what holds the power of persuasion. So influence is not a position, it’s the ability to inspire action and it flows from a deep internal passion. Yes, you can lead and many more than you imagine are ready to follow you to the bread of life. Tell em’ WHY they matter to God!

Romans 1:16-17