Greatness Is Born Here (Remix)

Brokenness is the birthplace of true greatness. Now greatness is not a bad thing in God’s eyes, but God’s brand of greatness is unlike what we may imagine. Any notion that desiring greatness with God is wrongheaded is simply a flawed perception. There’s actually substance and staying-power in greatness that flows from God. However, this brand of greatness only grows out of trials and is shaped through utter dependence on God.

So just when you think you’re at your end, you’re actually positioned for God to something radical and new – something great! In Christ, brokenness is a new beginning, a joint venture with the God who breathes life, purpose and greatness into dead things. Truly great people are born in the shadows of despair. But don’t let your soul stay in a place of sorrow another moment. Put your hope in God. Place your life at his feet. Greatness is about to be born in you!

Matthew 5, Romans 5