Beating Demons of Self Sufficiency - Pray Dangerously (Part 1)

Self sufficiency is the enemy of abundant life. It leaves Jesus standing out in the cold while we stand in our own strength. We make a life for ourselves and it always comes up short of the life God promised us. 

Jesus described this life as "wretched, pitiable, poor, blind and naked". That's a serious problem. And just like the church of Laodicea, we freeze God out of our lives and settle for less. There is one question: How do we break free from self sufficiency?

It's time for serious heartfelt prayers - praying dangerously!

Dangerous prayers aren't reckless prayers. Praying dangerously is a heartfelt appeal to God. It begs him to renew in us a vision for life that goes his direction, that is not achievable in our own strength, and that lands us smack dab in the middle of abundance. You can do this!

You might ask "what makes that so dangerous"? It's simply that we will face significant uncertainty and be left with a sense that if God doesn't show up we're in big trouble. From all human instincts, that's just plain dangerous. 

But the alternative is not acceptable so we need to step out of the path we've walked, away from the plan we've concocted. We must ask God to take control of our life. 

The earliest followers of Jesus were faced with a dangerous decision - run for their lives or remain in harms way and see what the ascended savior would lead them to do. So "they prayed". Without knowing the future they ate uncertainty for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - they prayed dangerously. Soon the Holy Spirit fell on them and gave them power to preach boldly God's gospel. 

A revival broke out! The fires of revival then are the hope for our dangerous prayers today. Yes, some lost their lives, but they NEVER lost an ounce of abundance. Rivers of living water were flooding their souls and "many were added to their number".

Pray dangerously. Pray beyond your self sufficiency and abundance is your prize.

Rev. 3:17, Acts 1