Beating Demons of Self Sufficiency - Pray Dependently (Part 2)

Self Sufficiency is also the primary means of Satan getting you and me disconnected from God. Satan knows that if we never hear God’s voice we’ll never become a threat to the darkness. So rugged individualism always gets the green light from demons.

The answer for not hearing is to stop doing. We have to give God a chance in our lives. We need to "taste and see that the Lord is good”. Self sufficiency is holding us back from untold blessings because we’re busy trying to make it happen on our own. 

I’ll never forget the battle I had putting a roof on my tree house. It was already up high in a big birch tree but I wanted another level. Thank God my dad saw my frustration. He yelled up at me, “do you need some help, son”. Boy, did I! In just an hour dad had fastened some higher cleats in place and told me to be very careful. Dad didn’t want mom to see how high this thing was in the air and he certainly didn’t want me falling out. But dad wanted me to experience my tree fort as I’d dreamed and he knew I needed him to make it happen. 

God is waiting for us to call out to him. Or at least listen to him as he’s calling out to us. Yes, God wants us to be safe but also to take hold of a richer life. He desires to take us to the next level, to a place we simply can’t reach in our own power. That place isn’t for our glory but it is for our joy.

The early church called out to God, “give us the courage to speak the word boldly, while you stretch out your hand to do signs and wonders”. He did! And that same God is ready to help you today. Pray dependently. Tell God how much you need him and desire for him to lead your life. But don’t just tell him…let him. 

You can beat the demons of self sufficiency and the joy will be all yours. 

Psalm 34:8, Acts 4:30