Give 'em God

Check out this video. Skye is a good thinker and puts forward some challenging opinions about why so many people who love God have left the church. Below I have some thoughts in response to Skye's view. Check out this video...

Having been lead pastor of a Mega Church in the past, I believe Skye hits some great points. As with most cultural observations, including church culture, it's never one-size-fits-all. But his big take-away is solid: we can engage people to the max and lose our calling to connect people with God. 

I'm planting a church in downtown Chicago. One of the upsides is our inability to own a property, it has to be a person to person ministry...period. But I think we can rent space and still run the risk of getting lost in activity, when all people really want/need is God. 

I'm walking with God today as a result of Spirit conviction, God's love, the life of Jesus, dear friends, a faithful wife, and rivers of grace. That's what we want to offer people who long to be WITH God – give 'em God.

Note: If you want to be a part of our humble beginning and desire to keep God the central focus of the church, consider joining me at the next "Vision Chicago" to hear more. Click here to get signed up. The ride with God and his kids is wonderful.