What Do You See? A Healthy Team

One of the greatest evidences of a healthy team is good ole' fashioned teasing – Yes teasing! We don't generally tease, with good hearted fun, those folks we tolerate or we're ticked at. We may talk about them and ignore them but the last thing we want to do is spur on a response of endearment or fun, lest they start to like us or want to spend more time with us.

So when I look at my work cubicle, that I've never been consulted on with regard to decor, I have to smile and conclude...all this zany, goofy, crazy, stuff they place in my humble workspace is a GOOD thing.

Over time things just appear and others disappear. The triple boom!, dogs playing pool, personalized Carmen photo (that he never sent), a plastic baby figurine that is hideous, Thor (for which I am actually grateful), and several other things that seem to mean absolutely nothing. My favorite was Cooter Jones (sic). I speak of him from time to time but I have no idea who Cooter is. He's was nearly life-size, before I dismantled him, and came complete with a paper Moody shirt, topped off with bright red hair. His overbite reminded me of me before braces. Was that a dig at my teen years?

It's all good. This is God's grace. Grace comes in a ton of different packages and teasing is one. So 3 cheers for the team God gave me to work with every weekday. Weekends help us all tolerate each other a little more easily. And here's to a happy, healthy, Jesus following, dynamic 2017. I love you, team!