I’ve wondered from time to time, “Who’s out there?” Radio is a strange and powerful tool of communication. You sit in a room with just a few people and speak into a city of many millions. I’ve closed my eyes to get a mental image. I whisper in my thoughts, “Who’s out there?”

Recently, on Karl and June Mornings, we set up the topic of pornography. Amazingly, Metallica front man, James Hetfield is narrating a new documentary about the ravaging impact of porn on the life of an addicted soul. (Addicted To Porn: Chasing The Cardboard Butterfly, releases in April.)

It was a Freedom Friday broadcast so we asked the risky question – Have you been set free from a pornography addiction? I thought in that moment, “Who’s out there?”

The phones lit up with nearly 20 first-time callers. Each person scorned shame for the sake of sharing hope – and hopeful it was. The stories of miraculous change blew us all away! But one person was “out there” who didn’t call. He sent us an email and here it is…

Dear Karl and June,
I was driving when you were speaking about porn addiction. I struggle with a double whammy: I suffer from same sex attraction and addicted to gay porn. It's been a life long battle. It's getting better lately. Your comments on the program this morning struck me. I just want to be loved and affirmed and encouraged by a man. My dad was abusive and emotionally absent. My mom was cruel and abusive as well. Today at the train station I prayed that Jesus would fill the void in my heart. I could keep going, but that's enough for now. Please pray that God would be my deliverer, healer, and Abba Father.
Very best and kind regards,  __________

Today I’m not wondering, “Who’s out there?” There are untold millions of people who need to hear that God loves them and wants to be right there with them. I prayed for this man on-air. He sent another email…God allowed him to hear the prayer and it brought on the tears.

It’s because of who is out there that I can’t turn from my calling to both radio and the church. Radio is like a tip of the spear into this present darkness. The church is the place where hugs are given, tears are wiped away, and the audacious vision of God is clearly shared – hope can be spoken through eyes of compassion and into the souls of man.

This all leads me to ask you for some prayers. We need about 40 more people who are cut to the heart and filled with compassion when they hear stories like this sweet man. These 40 people will fill-out our launch team for a new church in Chicago – 180 Chicago. This kind of heart is what’s needed at the core and I ask you to pray that God would bring in his hand-chosen workers – the fields are ripe for harvest!

If you, or someone you know, want to prayerfully consider joining this ragtag group who believes God for huge things in the lives of all people…come find out more! Just click HERE and we’ll see you on the 19th.

Many Blessings,