What a MAN!

Oh my, what a man! He jumped out of a boat and was one of the first followers of Jesus. Leaving behind a father (Zebedee) who was wealthy enough to have other workers, he and James (his brother) risked it all because of the life they found in Jesus. 

He witnessed miracles, ran in Jesus' inner circle, heard transforming messages and watched crowds flock to the Savior of the world. He heard the call on his life and waited for the Holy Spirit to fall on the few that still believed in the King of the Jews (and the world). 

He survived the massacres of Claudius, Nero, and Domitian. He watched Saul become the new-born Paul. He outlived Paul by 30 years. He was the last surviving original disciple. 

John penned his letters with accumulated wisdom after decades of faithfulness. He saw people come and go. He was a valiant leader and a brilliant champion of Jesus. His writings were not in his thirties, fifties, or seventies...He penned his letters in his late eighties or early nineties.

Now my appeal: If you're wanting to know where you stand with Jesus and if you are on the path to eternal life...read First John! That's why he wrote this beautiful book (I John 5:13). Meditate and pray that God would give you wisdom as you read the wisdom of man who walked strong to the end!