Endless TV Pundits < God Changing Lives

I'm fasting from watching televised news. There's a cable channel playing (on mute) in our radio studio in case there's breaking news we need to report. And I go to several sites on the computer to get the high-level facts but watching the pundits is just more than I can take right now. It's just too toxic and I must confess I can get sucked into the stream of contentiousness – this stream is endless. 

But there is some big news that never gets old - God's Changing Lives! For me, news can be a distraction from a bigger yes – my calling in life is to preach the word or encourage on-air. Please don't hear me condemning anyone. I'm not saying it's sin or even wrong for people to watch the news. But I've been blessed with a calling that is actually the solution to the problem. Jesus can change anything and everything.

Just this week I've personally heard or witnessed the following:

  • A broken marriage restored
  • Healing from being abandoned by a father
  • New resolution to stop gossiping
  • Joy of realizing that their life actually matters when they've been told they're a loser
  • Confession of stumbling into sin and finding forgiveness
  • Getting a fresh vision for their life

These stories are more powerful when you see the emotion on their faces. This is a rush I never tire of and blessing I'd be a fool to miss. So let me nudge you just a bit. Is there something, anything, that is distracting you from your calling? Are you settling for the lesser when the richer is calling – is Jesus calling you? 

Take a moment to ask God, "what's the lesser < what's the richer"? His sheep hear his voice and follow him. I hope you have a fresh story today.

Invitation: I've been letting you know about a new church plant I'm lead pastoring. If you know anyone in Chicago who would find this adventure to be "the richer", forward them this blog or this link and join us to learn more this Sunday.