180 Wall-Builders

In the first six chapters of Nehemiah, we find an epic story of love, courage, and victory. The task was huge – a wall extending over 12,000 ft., nearly 40 ft. tall, over 12 feet wide, more than 30 watchtowers, and 7 enormous gates. The timeline was tight – 52 days! 

But the purpose is often lost in the magnitude of the task. It was to create a safe place where God’s kids could live and thrive. It’s this purpose that paints a perfect backdrop for the church today. The church needs walls, not to keep people out but to allow God’s kids to live and thrive. 

At 180 Chicago, a new church in the west loop, we’re in a season of building walls. We need people who are committed to the principles outlined below. I’m teaching through these 13 truths. This next week we’re on principle number 4. Our hope is that we grow strong and provide a place where anyone seeking shelter in a relationship with Christ will live and thrive.

If you’re looking for a place to stand shoulder to shoulder with other broken people who are hungry to honor God, you’ll want to check us out. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have wall-builders who have no agenda but to honor God and seek him through dependent prayer. This is a church that will stand strong so many will come to Jesus and find a place to live and thrive.

I hope to see you Sunday if God is prompting your heart. Click here for meeting times and location.

  1. We must be broken over the condition of Chicago and it’s people. 
  2. We must ask God for favor with leaders and people of influence.  
  3. We must expect spiritual opposition no matter how noble our vision.
  4. We must assess the condition and needs of the people we want to reach.
  5. We must allow ourselves to get a little animated over the mission.
  6. We must remember that any great work is God’s work.
  7. We must stand shoulder to shoulder with each other.
  8. We must guard our minds as evil will attempt to mock us off mission.
  9. We must have a mindset that views work as a way to honor God.
  10. We must know that any progress will be met with fierce resistance.
  11. We must be eager to rally support and help each other out.
  12. We must expect leadership to serve alongside and not burden us.
  13. We must give all glory and honor to God in every victory.