What's Your Word? 2018

Do you have a word that you hope captures your life for 2018? It's not too late to grab one up. Pray and see what word might be your word for the New Year.

I did a deep dive on my word. It's a Greek word used 16 times in the N.T. The passages are absolutely awesome. So here's a look at what God is doing in my heart and I trust that God will make these things the character of my life. Go find yourself a word or use mine – WIN! Blessings in 2018!

2018 - Win or Gain
κερδαίνω - kerdaínō [ker-dah'-ee-no]

I will Win/Gain by: 

  1. Living for eternity - Matthew 16

  2. Knowing God intimately - Philippians 3:8

  3. Loving family sacrificially - I Peter 3

  4. Making decisions wisely - Acts 27

  5. Speaking truth daily - Matthew 18

  6. Investing talents fearlessly - Matthew 25

  7. Reaching people authentically - I Corinthians 9

  8. Living life strategically - James 4