Bandwagoning & Rumormongering - (I believe it now more than ever)

Sometimes the impact of a writing comes back like a boomerang. That's the case with this blog. On Monday I wrote the blog below and posted it on Facebook. On Tuesday I did the very thing I despise. On the radio, I made a comment about Tiger Woods. My comment made the assumption that Tiger must have been drinking because he sure looked like he had in his mug shot. Well, within a few hours there were reports that Tiger blew 0.0 into the breathalyzer. 

Now I'm the illustration for my own blog! Please accept my apologies for being so quick to do the very thing that has devasted me personally in the past. I feel like God has used this in my life most which is always his intent. I praise God for his grace and believe every word you're about to read. Like never before.

We live in a speculative and rumormongering world. There is a bandwagon for anything. If you want to dislike someone or something - you can always find circumstantial stuff to support it...always!

This soul-sickness is what afflicted those who crucified Jesus. Anyone can condemn but fewer run to believe the best - saving runs counter to our nature of condemning. Just a few may drive the judgment train, but many join it because the fear of being left out of the gossip or standing alone is just too much to take. But one thing to remember: Someone always pays for cowardice.

I've witnessed this from both sides. I've made broad conclusions only to find out it was based on twisted truth or outright lies. I've also had the same occur toward me. This is the way of our world but we don't have to get sucked into this downward swirling bowl.

God didn't send Jesus to condemn the world but to save it (John 3:17). If you lean toward condemnation you've turned and are leaning away from God. The only solution is admitting it all - times of refreshing will come. God will fill the sails of what has become the doldrums. We can be freed from trying to convince ourselves and others that we're okay.

I now trust almost nothing I hear or read until it can be substantiated with credible evidence. Even then, there is very little worth being consumed with unless we have the ability to effect change. And when our focus is directed toward belief and transformation, it is truly the way to honor God and impact the world.