Bust Through The Resistance

The minute we get serious about anything in life we WILL face resistance. I don’t care what you attempt to tackle. Lose weight, sharpen a skill, eradicate an addiction, or conquer a fear - resistance is lurking for anyone who wants to get a win. This resistance is internal and external. It’s in the air and is on the ground. These forces are vicious and want to stop you before you get started. Period.

This is the case in faith more than any other pursuit. I’ve never met a single person who wanted to go and grow with God who didn’t feel resistance in harsh and tangible ways.

“Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted...”

The world we live in is constantly pressing us to not be radical, to give up and not risk failure. Ironically, resistance tells us to return to mediocrity but never reveals that all it’s selling is ultimate failure.

Press through. Don’t stop. Dig in. Fortify yourself with truth. Gather allies who are in the struggle with you. It’s worth it all.