God Sees

An Egyptian slave girl uttered those words and they live on for eternity (Gen.16:13-14).

"The God who sees" is a lasting testimony, a word of hope, and the anchor for our lives in a broken world. Are you living in truth before God yet others still spread lies? God sees. Have you kept your mouth shut when you could have blown someones cover, knowing silence was the righteous thing? God sees. Do you hold pain of injustice and wonder when truth will prevail? God sees.

The eyes of God are keen. He notices everything. The stinging of slander, the shading of truth, and the subtle accusation of innuendo will not escape the gaze of God. God sees.

Our response is the only thing that matters. Let the love of God embrace you and allow the eyes of God to examine you. And as the searching of God reveals things that must change...agree, and say to the God who sees...let it be. God sees.