Move To The Center

A good friend reminded me yesterday of something that tormented me as a kid. I couldn't do a flip, spin or somersault without losing my lunch. The doc said it was something to do with my middle ear. There were literally rocks loose that shouldn't have been. My wife could have diagnosed that and I'd of saved the deductible.

But the story shared with me was about a Merry Go 'Round. I remember those well. Nothing sent my head to spinning and stomach churning like a few laps on one of these beasts.

I still remember the day I was trapped. The beast was spinning and the kid keeping it going wasn't going to stop no matter what I said. I don't know what led me, it was possibly God himself. But with eyes closed, I strained against the centrifugal force to pull myself to the very center of this hellish ride. With my head over the center of the beast, I found enough relief to wait out the spinning – I moved to the center.

With every head spinning, stomach-churning relational, emotional, medical or vocational challenge we face the answer is remarkably the same – move to the spiritual center.

One verse in the Psalms captures this perfectly: "In the multitude of my thoughts within me your comforts delight my soul." Psalm 94:19

The thoughts referred to here are those that discourage, divide, and perplex the mind. The solution is to move to the center and draw our strength from our soul. It's in our soul that experiential truth slows the spinning and comfort of God's promises stills the churning.

If you find yourself spiritually disoriented and not feeling too well. Bring to mind God's faithfulness of the past and search the scriptures for God's promises for the future. Move to the center!