Prevail...God can get you through your battles

Battles are unavoidable. They can't be ignored, avoided, or even put off - but they can be won. The sooner we come to grips with challenges of all kinds and tough spiritual conflict, the sooner we can get on with winning the war. Let's stake claim to a serious spiritual promise, right now. God can get us through our battles - In Christ we prevail!

Now, "prevail" is no wimpy word. Check out this strong definition: "to defeat an opponent especially in a long or difficult contest". Let's break it down from back to front.

  • It will be "difficult". That means a certain level of pain is involved. And with every level of difficulty comes the urge to escape. But often the only way to get distance from our battle, is to bust through our battle. This is critical: We must refuse to medicate the pain while in the middle of it all. There's things God wants us to see, feel and experience at a soul level. These can only be fully received and taken-in while under the influence of God's Spirit.
  • It will be "long". Hang on, this ride isn't ending soon. Prevail doesn't indicate a fast and furious fire-fight. It points to a victorious resolution that's absolutely certain, but we're going to be weaving our way through enemy territory for quite a haul. We can't keep looking for the clearing. We must place one foot in front of the next and trust God for when the win will come.
  • It will result in "defeating an opponent". Now, our "battle is not against flesh and blood", so people are not the enemy. But boy do they look like it sometimes. People can in fact be used by the enemy as a tool to deal us some blows. The sooner we realize that there's an evil force who can control circumstances and some people, like a gamer uses a joy stick, the sooner we can see our battles for what they are. We're locked into a contest that is both sweet and sinister, good and evil. But here's the payoff - In Christ the enemy is defeated...we prevail!

So keep your heart bowed low before God and keep your chin up. Whatever you're battling through, God's already seen it and he's mapped a plan to get you a win. God will prevail!

Matthew 16, Ephesians 6