The Essential Conversation

Prayer is such a beautiful gift and evidence of God's genuine love for his greatest creations. That God would give us speech to share our fears, dreams, and questions with him is amazing. And the promises of God to get us aligned with our deepest desires as we delight in him is almost unbelievable.

Isn't that the tactic of evil? To plant such doubts in our minds about God's true intentions that we neglect the simplest and sweetest conversations?

Isn't it the moments of utter silence after a prayer from our heart that deludes us to question whether God could possibly care?

And aren't the daily conversations we have forgotten the very thing that causes us to think that God will soon forget our needs?

But our human experiences with speech should never keep us from conversation with the one who gave us breath, voice, and language. He spoke the world into orbit. He spoke promises beyond compare. In the presence of God is a steady stream of precious words both spoken and responded to...join the conversation.

Ps. 37:4, Gen. 1:3, Is. 65:24

Prayer: Essential Conversation With God

God can do in us what we can never do alone! But we can't live another day measuring our lives against sub-standard comparisons. We must stop setting goals that are attainable by human effort because when we hit them they ring hollow. We can no longer undershoot God's promises, undervalue our worth, and underestimated our resources. The only way forward is conversation with God. Prayer is conversation with the one who can take us beyond our whims and our wants.

If you suspect you're leaving too much potential on the table, prayer is for you. If you're tired of rationalizing your mediocrity, prayer is for you. If you're stuck and can't seem to get going, prayer is for you. If you feel like life has passed you by but are willing to give it another shot, prayer is for you. If you know there's more inside you but can't seem to dig it out, prayer is for you. If you've been pounded and left for dead by a barrage of condemnation, prayer is for you. If you've tasted the richer life in Christ but slowly turned away, prayer is for you. If you're ready to chase a dream God gave you, prayer is for you. If you are tired of blaming circumstances and are ready to take personal responsibility, prayer is for you. If you've been trying everything in your power and can't make life work, prayer is for you. If you desire sustained victory, prayer is for you.

The God who holds the universe in his hands is waiting to talk with you...let us pray!


God Conversation...Beyond Personal Limits


Satan and his demons have done a good job diminishing the value of prayer. But prayer holds the very answers for helping us live beyond our limitations. Prayer can blow the lid off of small living and survival mentality.

The grand invitation from God is never withdrawn. Salvation isn't just an event, it's a journey, an experience - but mostly it's a conversation. The door is always open in the kingdom of God, the lights are always on - God has all the time we need.

In conversation with God we discover the secret to getting unbound from our personal deficiencies. In ongoing "God chats" we pour out our hearts. We get honest enough that we soon learn we can trust him - he loves us, personal limits and all. God in turn takes the time to tell a story of his master plan - the stained glass masterpiece he's putting together from shards of brokenness. And then it happens, God describes our piece in the master's work. Some walk away not able to let the promises sink into their soul. Others set out to discover the promise of abundant life, but they go alone. The wise do something different, something counter-intuitive, and it's the secret to busting through personal limits. But we have to listen to wisdom that's "calling in the streets". 

Wisdom whispers to us to "stay put, don't move, God's got everything you need". Then wisdom bends low, looks us in the eye and says "never leave the conversation". We can't skirt the truth and live the dream. Abundant life can only be lived "with" God. We must lean into God. Bust open and share our dreams and even confess our limits. The more authentic and raw the conversation, the more we sense the staying power of God's love. It's in conversation with God that we receive the endless supplies of fuel, the grace of breakthrough and increasing clarity for tomorrow.

There are limits to where our efforts can take us. We are bound by humanness. Praying is not a cold tool we grasp to get what we want. Prayer is a conversation. Conversation with God is a spiritual dumping ground for pain, a flame that warms our soul, a confirmation around God's revelation, a strategy session for victory - and here's the kicker, it's all rolled into one. Get into a God conversation beyond your personal limits.

I Thessalonians 5:17