"This is my morning quiet time! I love the creator!"

Last Saturday I was up early (2:30am Alaska time) and wrapping up some good time in the word at the Larson (good Swedish name) home. My good friend, Mark Larson, came downstairs and we said goodbye as he headed off for a flight in his Cessna 180. He was heading to his cabin and I was off to see some friends and visit with my sick mother. 

Alaska is a huge canvas where God splashed his creativity over every inch – a true masterpiece. It wasn't but a couple hours after Mark and I went our separate ways when I got a text from him. He was flying at a couple thousand feet and the text simply read, "This is my morning quiet time! I love the creator!". Triple Boom!

God's creation shouts at us every day. In flowers, clouds, storms, and breezy blue skies, God invites us to see what he has done. But more, God wants us to see what he can do in you and me – it's a masterpiece! Looking closely at God's handiwork can give us fresh perspective on life. I'll give you just a few that I found from this awesome picture.

  • Those mountains in the background represent something about your trials. Up close our challenges are enormous and can seem insurmountable. But our mountains are God's speed bumps, and he has all you need to get you through. 
  • Seasons change and each new season has it's own beauty. Enjoy the season God has you in today. It may have it's own challenges but even dying leaves are splendid in their own way.
  • Although we may feel small and insignificant, God sees us as unique and special. Look at those little lakes. There are so many, each of them reflecting what is above. You can do the very same. You're not a number, you're a image bearer – a reflection of God's power, strength, and beauty!

Take some time and just look at this image. What do you see? Share it with me if you'd like, or just take the time to thank God for his creative hand in your life. God speaks in the quiet times of life. 

Insecure no more...

Insecurity revolves around a sense of worth or the lack thereof. The more worthless we feel, the more we crawl in a hole and begin to die. Abuse is a present danger for all of us. Whether we take direct hits from someone we once called a "friend", our life is desecrated by someone we trusted, or even if we're getting hammered from phantom spiritual enemies, the realness of being beat down can leave us feeling worthless. The answer for insecurity is more that just truth, it involves God revealing our unique purpose.

What God says about us matters. Insecurity is nothing more than temporary insanity. The crazy thoughts that roll through our mind can be remedied. We don't have to live beaten down. Our destiny is not to survive on spiritual crumbs while others seemingly feast at the table of God. You have a place at the table and it's high time you find it.

Many of us have forgotten just how creative our designer really is and how uniquely we've been designed. Here's a scripture that reveals plans have been in motion, for each of us, a very long time. "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them." There it is. You were created "for". There's a sense in which this has a powerful double meaning. You are created in the womb as an image bearer of God. You are uniquely designed to reflect God to the world. The mirror may seem fogged but God's plan was clear from the beginning. But even more is now in play. When we surrender to Christ's leadership of our lives, we become "new creations". What a powerful double meaning. We were designed as image bearers and Christ has made us brand new. This makes us an indispensable tool in God's mission to redeem the world. 

We have one clear takeaway. Insecurity cannot survive if we bring, fully to mind, that we are uniquely designed. We can't die when we realize that God designed us to be fully alive. But the battle for the mind is brutal. There are two practices that can help us break out of a slump of insecurity and do a "180 Now". First, rehearse the truth and burn the lies. Make a list with biblical truth and make a list with satanic lies. Burn the former into our brain over time. Burn the latter and give it no more time. Second, find people who believe God is good and that what he made in you is all that and more. This may require walking away from supposed friends and finding true friends. And race others to the punch of affirmation. God has a purpose that is so intentional, there's no time for us to stuck with insecurity.

Ephesians 2:10