The Main Thing

Blown away this morning by studying Acts 2. The very few men and women that hung on to the promises of Jesus were truly extraordinary and filled with the Spirit. What is most amazing is what's NOT being done or talked about.

The earliest followers of Jesus weren't worrying over the fact that their numbers had recently dwindled. They did not hide or run for the hills. They didn't slam the culture or show disgust over godlessness, even though they saw it everywhere. And their rights as individuals or their freedom to drink wine weren't the featured discussion. This mighty few had one passion - Point people to Jesus! - all the rest just didn't matter that much.

Those things that worry us, divide us, and consume us, would grow strangely dim if we were compelled to point people to Jesus - the giver of true abundance, who helps us overcome the pain of a broken world with his overflowing life.