Exceed Your Resources

Life with God kicks down walls that have kept us caged in scarcity! If we're not seeing God do things beyond our capacity and exceeding our resources we may not be living WITH God. But I'm not even hinting at getting stuff from God like he's a vending machine. I'm talking about God's work inside us that can break the limits of humanness that shape us and define us. Even people who love God can surprisingly shut Him out. But if we have a pulse it's never too late. We can let God cover our shame, increase our value and expand our vision, all we have to do is "open the door".

Living with God is all about us surrendering control TO God. Our life has more capacity than we can muster. It's a bigger conduit than we can fill. And God's plans for us can only be known as we walk in them–WITH Him. Here's the reality: Life under our control is like trying to take a shower with a squirt gun, while life with God is like a fire hose. Here is a commonly repeated truth... "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me". But the bigger picture is what makes it so powerful and relevant. Here's the words leading up: "I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger...abundance and need...I can do all things through him who strengthens me." Bank on this: God is in the business of blowing away our perception of limited capacity and He can exceed our measly earthly resources. All we need to do is live it with Him!

Our greatest enemy might not be an evil spirit but rather an independent spirit. We must drive that spirit out. An independent spirit can live in anyone. You can serve independently, be married independently, counsel independently, preach independently, parent independently, almost anything can be done independent of God. But only WITH God, can we outlive our independence. With God the firehose is cranked wide open. But life with God begins or restarts rather simply. That gentle knocking may be God at your heart's door. What's on the other side is always a little scary but it's a risk you can't afford not to take. Open the door, live life with God today!

Rev. 3, Jer. 29:11, Is. 40:29-31, Phil. 4, Gal. 5:1