Man In The Mirror

It’s a tragedy that men have settled for so little when God offers us so much. The goal is not some brutish bravado, it’s to take hold of a biblical manhood that is humble, teachable and yet untamable–yes, all three must co-exist. But men have been tamed and this modern taming isn’t for the better. We’ve traded in masculine tenderness for softness. We’ve walked away from wonder and adventure and opted for what’s safe and predictable. And too many men have stopped being bold initiators–we’ve settled for being timid responders. Greatness is still calling out for men who will dare to believe that God can turn us from ordinary to extraordinary. And the first turn we must make it to the one who can show us what we’ve become. 

So let’s get honest about manhood, love and marriage. Real men, I’m talking about chivalrous men, have the courage to see themselves as they truly are. They give all praise to God for the good that comes out of them, and beg God for the grace and power to change what is needed. The best way for a man to see himself is in the mirror of God’s truth. Natural man flinches at the point of reflection, but real men belly up to the bar of truth and say, “okay, let me see what’s really going on here”. Finger pointing, a victim mentality, and even the busyness of being a rescuer are all put on hold when we look intently into who we are and not forgetting what we have seen. The promise is amazing, “But the one who looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and perseveres, being no hearer who forgets but a doer who acts, he will be blessed in his doing.” Now that's promise with some punch.

The tendency for most of us is to veer clear of anything that could threaten our manhood. But God never reveals anything to us out of retribution; rather, it’s compassion and the prospect of real life change that compels God to show us the truth. This is where winners are born (or reborn). It’s at this place of brutal honesty that we have a chance to become the man God always destined us to be. Men who can’t look into a mirror of truth are doomed to live a lie. But the great escape from status quo can begin to happen as we muster the courage to see things as they really are. And courage to face the truth is always rewarded by the favor of God. The greatest gifts from God slip in from the shadows when we courageously stand in the light. The invitation by God to face up to the truth is always followed by a vision–in this case, a vision for great manhood.

James 1:25