Fight with Light

Get in the fight for faith and never leave until we break through to the other side! The only thing worse than facing an enemy is the wounding we receive when we turn away. Don't walk away from the goals you've discovered. Never stop dreaming. Don't doubt your gifting. Never neglect your calling. The price God paid to get you on this path was high and the promises of God are too rich to be denied. Each day may appear like a flat-line trajectory, but even holding the ground we've gained can be a lift-hands-high victory. Fight for faith!

There is one thing that changes everything in our fight for faith. God shines light into the darkness. He doesn't leave us groping and guessing. God let's us see that our fight for faith is..."against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places." So let God's illumination be your ammunition. If you have a sliver of God's light of truth, stand in it. If you hear the darkness uttering lies, speak the light of truth into it. If you feel the forces of evil deceiving you, ask Jesus to shed the light of truth directly on it. The greatest way to fight for faith is with light.

Every word of God you speak into "this present darkness", lights a torch of truth that let's you make a little more progress. God's word is "a lamp to our feet and a light to our path", so get some light on every situation. Guess and grope no more. Open up the truth, pour in the truth, speak out the truth, and watch your world light up! In our fight for faith, God is not constrained by the weapons of common warfare. Flip on the switch of truth, fight with light, and I'll see you on the other side!

Eph. 6, Ps. 119

Let God Take You There

Never apologize for how God has hardwired you. People have a need to live, design, plan, and build. To hold hope, receive love, and to see how our life matters – you're designed to thrive and God can take you there. 

This is why Jesus offered "abundant" life, not mere survival. He offered more than a little joy, but that our "joy would be full". Jesus offers a life that fulfills our deepest needs. He designed us to live an extraordinary life and the scriptures are loaded with evidence, we just need eyes to see. Let God take you there. 

I've been challenged recently by Watchman Nee. He was a church leader and evangelist in China who was used powerfully by God. The underground church credits it's beginnings to a handful of faithful pastors, Nee is one of the most prominent. 

Nee spoke of the deep things of God. He saw that many read the scriptures in a detached manner. What he proposed is profound. The need we have is to read the words of God as they are – a living message from God designed to pierce our heart with a vision (message) from God and a clear path to take hold of it.

Reading the scriptures needs to become worship. I'm learning how intimate and powerful the message can be when we ask God to speak to us directly and to shepherd us into the deepest truths of his love and plan for our lives. 

Make an appointment to meet with God in his word. Prepare for it like you would to meet with a King – he is! Listen to every word and allow him to speak into your spirit by his Spirit. The Holy Spirit will "guide you into all truth" so allow him entry into every corner of your life. 

God designed you to thrive. His word, led by his spirit, is a guided tour into a world yet undiscovered by too many Christians. Take the road less traveled today. Let God take you there and the word of God will be "at work in you".

John 10:10, Hebrews 4:12, John 16:13, I Thessalonians 2:13

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The Real Answer For Sexual Sin

Any strategy to fight off sexual sin that leaves out the joy of the Lord is destined to fail. Having protection in place to prevent the ease of compromise is a wise thing, but the only real answer for sexual temptation is to overwhelm it with a passion for God. And a passion for God can be cultivated with a few critical things:

1. Heathy sexuality begins with a humbling of our humanity. Seeing our need for God is where the power for overcoming any earthly temptation resides. 

2. Joy found in God is the enemy of compromise. Sexual purity in the fruit of a relationship with God that is flooded with joy.

3. Saturation of the mind and soul with God's word and truth is the fuel of joy. The more we're filled with truth, the less we'll feel the need to satisfy our soul with lies.

Defensive movements are a good thing for sexual sin. But going on offense and finding our joy in God is the strongest move that we can make.

(Please check out this John Piper Montage)