Hidden Doors...Passcodes...And God

I had a childhood friend who became as close as a brother to me. Jeff was a confidant and a comrade. On several occasions things got heated between us. But after a few punches landed and throwing rocks at each other from about ten paces, cooler heads would prevail and we'd be best buddies again. The greatest part about our friendship was the secrets we shared. Not the sick stuff you hear a lot about today, it was the secret stuff like crushes we had on girls, how much we made on our paper routes, the trick to get into our super high tree house, and the craziest dreams kids could imagine. There's something healthy about the secrets you share with only your closest friend.

God made us for friendship, even secret friendship. Our friendship with God has extraordinary potential to go as deep as a childhood buddy and even deeper. It's common to refer to ourselves as Christ followers or even talk of our love for God. But when we finally realize that God loves to share secrets with us...in secret...look out! Everything changes when God becomes our secret friend.

This is no joke and if we take Jesus at his word it could radically alter the quality of our life. Yes, Jesus spoke of the need for us to be salt and light. And going public with our faith is a common call for every person who's truly been touched by God. But what can't be overlooked is that God invites us into a place of secrecy - a secret place, with a hidden door, and a passcode that only you and God will know. And when we go to this secret place we find the our friendship is forged with God like it could never be when everyone else is around. But what comes of this friendship is something no friend on earth can provide. And God invites us into the secret place to see that he has something special for us...a promised reward. I don't know what the reward will be for you and I can't tell you what he's given me...it's a secret. But let's take God at his word as we listen to the words of Jesus, "But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your father who is in secret. And your father who sees in secret will reward you" (Matthew 6:6). What a friend we have in Jesus!

Touched By God...Never The Same

The right touch can change everything. It's those final touches that makes something extraordinary, and sets it apart from what's common. There's never been a masterpiece that didn't have a masters touch that crafted it. This is a timeless principle that is founded in creation and confirmed in mans struggle to overcome. The desire we have to count for something - to conquer common - is a worthy aspiration and birthed in us by the master himself. But there is something to be learned from the mantra of the true masterpieces. Those who are mature, possess a secret and they hold it with great care. It's a truth that's available to all but cherished by few. Those who are wise and see what is unseen can be heard to repeat something like this: "We are shaped, changed and refined ONLY by the touch of God." When God touches our lives and we allow him to sustain his hold on us, it will change everything.

Changing ourselves is as futile as trying to keep the Law of God. All of our effort can only increase our frustration and peak our awareness of our impotence to truly change. Trying to shape our own life must be exchanged for the touch of God. God calls his touch, "The law of the Spirit". It's his touch of the Spirit that sets us free from, "The law of sin and death". And when the Spirit gets its hands on our life, a masterpiece begins to unfold. What was once a lump of lostness, is now taking shape into something that will steal a breath from us. But the rarity of this experience is not a reflection of its lack of accessibility. This is available to anyone who would dare to humble themselves and stay under the hand of God. What God's Spirit touches, is a masterpiece in the making.

The right touch can change everything. Here's several great evidences of how God's Spirit shapes us, from Romans 8:

  • We are freed from soul-scarring condemnation. 
  • Our minds are filled with deep and refreshing thoughts that brings peace.
  • There will be a sense of being fully alive, even in bodies that are deteriorating.
  • We see God differently and recognize him as our "dad".
  • The touch of God strengths us in our weakness.
  • When we just can't put words to a prayer, the Spirit jumps in and prays for us.

This can begin to happen now. Don't grieve too long over wasted years. Ignore the noise of resistance. Bow low and watch what God's touch can do to you! 

Romans 8